jon hart trunk show

Our Jon Hart Trunk Show will take place on April 11th. We are able to take orders beforehand and are able to start ordering once we have twenty items! If you would like your item to be wrapped in cellophane (the standard wrap for Jon Hart), please indicate that in the notes! Also, please indicate if you would like an enclosure card and we will be sure to include it with the gift.

*Only the trunk show items are on our website at the moment; we are adding products to the website as fast as we can! Right now, Jon Hart is not closed and is on track for gifts to arrive for graduation. If this changes, we will reach out to everyone who has placed an order to discuss how to move forward. We are happy to complimentary wrap due slips if this does happen.

*Seniors, please take a look and register for your items by calling, emailing, or texting us.

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