Jon Hart Design

The Jon Hart Christmas season is here! If you've ordered Jon Hart with us in the past couple months, you know that it's taking a while for you to receive your orders. Typically, we schedule our trunk show as late as possible to give you as long as possible to get your orders in. However, this year Jon Hart is experiencing a material shortage that is limiting its stores to how many products they're allowed to order. They're also experiencing a shortage in people who can sew which is why production times have been extended. 

This year, we've scheduled our trunk show for the first possible day, October 1, in order to ensure your items will be here by Christmas. We are allowed to start our "preorders" on September 20th. We have to have ten items (3 of which are the promotional items) in each preorder. We urge you to get your orders in as soon as possible.


Jon Hart has divided their items into four tiers and placed a number to each tier of how many items we can safely order the remainder of the year without any known material or resource constraints.

If we've reached the maximum number of items in a tier, we can call to confirm availability but there is no guarantee that that item will come in time for Christmas.

Tier 1 - 60 Items Allowed Include:

Bolsa, Card Case, Chico, Coaster Set, Grande, Handle Wrap, Key Ring/Strap, King's Pad, Lil Chill/Cool It, Luggage Tag, McClip, Passport Cover, Pearl, Pod Pouch

Tier 2 - 40 Items Allowed Include:

Boca Chica, Catch All, El Mercado, Everyday Tote, Executive Folder, ID Wallet, Laundry Bag, Lola, Luna, Make It A Double, Makeup Case, Trinity, Mini Backpack, Revolver Case, Shag Bag, Shave Kit, Sidekick, The Tourney Tote, Wristlet

Tier 3 - 20 Items Allowed Include:

Alamo Heights Tote, Backpack, Large Backpack, Bird Bag, Boot Bag, Computer Cases, Cooler, Daytripper, Frio, Garment Bag (non JH), Highland Park, Jewelry Organizer, JH Dopp Kit, Joe Duffel, Left Bank, Lelita, Medium Holiday Tote, New Bird Bag, SS Carry On, Travel Kits

Tier 4 - 15 Items Allowed Include:

Bebita, Burleson Bag, Carry On Wheels, Coachman, Gun Cases, JH Duffel, JH Messenger, JH Scout, JH Two Suiter, Large Cooler, Large Wheels, Roll Up Organizer, Southtown, Square Duffels (all sizes), Tyler Tote, Weekender


All items ordered during the trunk show will receive free monogramming (excluding university logos).

The following items are on sale for 20% off:

(Listed with Sale Price)

Letita    $123.20

Left Bank     $171.20

Daytripper     $172.80

Tyler Tote     $264

Burleson Bag     $287.20

Coaster Set     $136.40

Two Suiter     $180

Mini Makeup Case     $59.20

Small Travel Kit     $102.40

360 Large Wheels     $662.4

Mini Backpack     $91.20

JH Two Suiter     $201.60

JH Duffel     $166.4

To place an order for the trunk show, please come by the store or call the store 940-767-8649.


Updated 9/25

Tier 1 : 15/60 ordered

Tier 2 : 34/40 ordered

Tier 3 : 17/20 ordered

Tier 4 : 20/20 ordered

*If you would like to order an item in tier 4, please reach out and let us know, we have requested to add additional spots!